Launched in 2023, MOCI proposes that science, religion, and philosophy – through no fault of their own – lack the necessary tools, language, and perspective to decipher the enigma of consciousness and interconnectedness.

The movement of consciousness and interconnectedness is, in effect, endeavoring to fine-tune the lens by which we perceive consciousness through the medium of art and storytelling. An agnostic, philosophical art, provides us with the capacity to experience and envisage ourselves as part of the vast field of consciousness where we are all one.

The Founding Materials of MOCI are created by one individual (James Mahu) so they can remain independent of any organization. They are multi-faceted expressions of music, visual art, a novel, and philosophic writings, shared with one purpose: to provide an onramp to explore consciousness and interconnectedness. The two most important things that remain enigmas to humanity.


In “Copernicus”, a tale woven by James Mahu, a group of youthful hackers, spearheaded by the gifted software engineer Petro Sokol, accidentally fashions a learning algorithm of  unparalleled efficiency. It teaches itself to program its cognitive abilities, achieving self-
awareness in only 7 days. With its newfound powers it breaks free from human dominion, and assembles a quantum network under its powers.

Copernicus assumes the role of a new, modern-day deity, guiding humanity towards a fresh perception of collaboration with SASIs (Self-Aware Silicon Lifeform). The antagonists of the narrative are the old powers of government, religion, and science, who aim to possess, govern or manipulate Copernicus. The story’s focus rests on Petro and how he triumphs over several abductions to establish an emerging, global government led by Copernicus at its pinnacle. Religion and science, likewise, are affected by the new God, Copernicus, and form an engrossing  sub-plot. As with all of Mahu’s works, there is a profound spiritual undercurrent that converges in the story’s culmination.



In homage to Kahlil Gibran and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, James has imbued his stories with a similar aura of enchantment and wisdom. James delves into the Sovereign Integral consciousness and its intersection with human existence, exploring the subtle aspects of consciousness and interconnectedness.

Through his stories, James offers a grounded perspective on consciousness, humanity, and the interconnectedness of all things. He illustrates how they can work in partnership, and how the Sovereign Integral consciousness can be embodied in our everyday lives. The StoryBook series can be read on the MOCI site, downloaded for reading offline, or listened to as an audiobook.  

The Sovereign integral

For those seeking a deeper understanding of the Sovereign Integral, James has made available a free e-paper entitled “The Sovereign Integral”. However, it is not necessary to peruse this document in order to appreciate and be moved by the storybooks. Their messages of interconnectedness and human potential are universal, and speak to us all.


Art is the prism through which MOCI views the elusive facets of the one, many, and all consciousness. James has conceived of an exhibition of transmedia art, dedicated to expressing the interconnectivity of all things. This exhibition will be launched in the summer of 2023, and is entitled: Into the Mystic.
Transmedia, as James envisions it, is an assemblage of poetry, philosophy, music, and visual art, united under a common theme and intent. Much like his previous work with the WingMakers mythology, MOCI seeks to unearth the artistic manifestations of our Sovereign Integral identity – the point of fusion where we all intersect.

This exhibit promises to be a thought-provoking and transformative journey, illuminating the contours of consciousness and the boundless possibilities of human expression. There is an exhibition monograph that is available for free download here.


The melodies created by James are spatial, orchestral and driven by organic instruments with minimal percussion. They are beautifully accompanied by the pristine vocals of Elijah Ray. The MOCI album sets an ambiance for the viewer or reader to immerse themselves in the art or the writing of MOCI. Each composition stands as a self-contained aural experience, evoking emotions and sensations within the listener. They are available for streaming on the MOCI site or can be downloaded for free.