The Artworks of MOCI

James Mahu has created an extensive body of work, with his visual art standing out as a central component. He considers himself a visual philosopher, meaning his art is an integral part of his broader philosophical explorations. These include dozens of papers, poetry, short stories, and six books that make up the project, as well as two new novels for his website: “Copernicus” and his latest release, “Scales, Fur, Feathers and Flesh”. 

James Mahu’s art is deeply philosophical in nature. While his latest works are not merely extensions of his websites, he has chosen to share his artwork, particularly his latest pieces, on a new platform called For example, his new series called Portraits of Consciousness is featured in his new site, which is designed to showcase his work in the highest possible resolution and in various formats.

Art is the prism through which MOCI views the elusive facets of the one, many, and all consciousness. And so, James has conceived of an exhibition to take place in August of 2023 – a traveling showcase of transmedia art, dedicated to expressing the interconnectivity of all things.

Transmedia, as James envisions it, is an assemblage of poetry, philosophy, music, and visual art, united under a common theme and intent. Much like his previous work with the WingMakers mythology, MOCI seeks to unearth the artistic manifestations of our Sovereign Integral identity – the point of fusion where we all intersect.

This exhibit promises to be a thought-provoking and transformative journey, illuminating the contours of consciousness and the boundless possibilities of human expression.