Use of Founding Materials

All of the materials of MOCI are downloadable. They are offered freely. Any co-founder may use these materials in their personal pursuit of understanding consciousness and interconnectedness, and share them non-commercially. They can also use these materials in their creative expressions, provided those expressions are not commercially motivated. For example, one can use the music of the MOCI album as a soundtrack to a film, as long as that film does not have a monetary purpose and is aligned to the founding materials of MOCI. 

While all of the MOCI founding materials are copyright protected, their copyrights allow individuals to use them in their own explorations of consciousness and interconnectedness. And those creative expressions, remixes, mash-ups are freely allowed and even encouraged. Whatever those become, they can be shared on the MOCI social media channels on Facebook and Instagram

If you have questions about the appropriate use of the founding materials outside of these guidelines, please contact us.


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